T-L Team Roping

T-L Team Roping Presents...

  summer SERIES

Logan Utah Arena

Cash Entries only!  Cash Payout

*3 SUMMER ropings left!
NEW!!   Friday, September 9 (High $Buckle)
Friday, September 16 (Saddle)
Saturday, September 24 (Saddle)

Friday Night!

#9, pick 1 draw 2 or 3 for $75 then a #11 saddle roping
(capped @ #7)  
-enter @ 6pm, rope @ 7pm
-Win a check the day of, win a free saddle shootout
-pick 1 draw 2, or draw 3 for $100
Cash Entries only! Cash payout, prizes!

UPCOMING Summer dates:
Enter @ 6pm, rope @ 7pm
Rope for Saddles every night!
Free hot dogs and drinks

*14 & Under Roping before #9
Enter @ 5:30, rope @ 6:00 sharp. 
Kids can pick 1, draw 1 with 100% payback
Can enter 1 time, $20. 
High End Buckles awarded at end of series!

1st roping......Friday, April 22 (Saddle)
Friday, April 29 (Saddle)
Friday, May 13 (Saddle)
Friday, May 20 (Saddle)
Friday, June 3 (Saddle)
Friday, June 17 (Saddle)
Friday, July 8 (Saddle)
Friday, July 22
Monday, July 25th KIDS RODEO
Friday, August 5 (Cache Co. Fair Saddle Roping)
Friday, August 19 (Saddle)
Friday, September 2 (Labor Day Saddle Roping)
NEW!!   Friday, September 9 (High $Buckle)
Friday, September 16 (Saddle)
Saturday, September 24 (Saddle)

*High Money Ladies Saddle given
away at the end of the Logan series!

Come rope Thursday nights in
MONTPELIER, ID (must be to 2 ropings to qualify for Final Saddle Roping)
*County Fair is donating a saddle for finals!
Sign  up @ 6:30, rope @ 7
18 & under & #9 roping, pick 1 draw 1
Thurs. June 9th
Thurs. June 23rd
Thurs. July 14th
Thurs. July 28th
TUES. Aug.16th (Finals Saddle Roping)

Logan Utah Arena-Cache Fairgrounds 

If you don’t have a number we can
number you there.

Management reserves the right to change
anyone's number at any time.

For more information contact:

Troy Lowe @ 435-757-9267

Check Logan's Weather Forecast

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